Saturday, January 7, 2012

If you, like many, have been wondering what happened to me, I have to admit I have no good excuse for not writing in my blog...and in the event that I ay actually still have some regular readers, let me update you about what has been going on.

My sweet, beautiful boy is doing very well at daycare or "school" as I have trained him to believe it is. He calls Wednesday nights "church-school" which is also very sweet. In a stellar example of parenting a few weeks ago Tony and I were completely exhausted after work and didn't feel like taking the boy to church on Wednesday night.

He was very upset. Finally, I said, "Holden, would you rather have a dilly bar (in the freezer) or go to church-school?" I tried to bribe him OUT of going to church....
He responded, "Go to church-school."
At that point Tony went out and started the car. Do I have a great kid or what?

Everything is going well with the pregnancy, I am 36 weeks and pretty miserable but things with baby are looking good.
When I walk into the doctors office I don't have to tell them my name because they already know me. I am there twice a week for non-stress testing and amniotic fluid index testing (ultrasound). I try not to think about what it is costing me and think about baby who will be here on or before February 1, 2012.

Life is finally, thankfully settling down to a more normal existence than we've had the last few years and I am thankful for that. A new baby should make things interesting again for awhile. I will try to keep you updated.

Let's hope that at the hospital no overzealous midwives or nurses try to pressure me into breastfeeding, because I won't be.