Monday, May 28, 2012


     I finally had time to meet with an old friend when I headed East about 120 miles this weekend for a graduation party.  She inquired whether I have abandoned my blog or not.  I have no particularly good excuse for not writing except that my husband inexplicably changed his email password (and I use his email address to access this blog for some reason...a reason that also now escapes me).  So I had to get his password from him.  He told me and then I forgot for a few weeks and now he is in the room with me and I am on my laptop so there you go.

    I finally have a child that sleeps (both gets to sleep and sleeps through the night mostly) thanks to my wonderful pediatrician here who, when I said at Holden's four year check up that no...he has never slept well in his entire four years, said, "I can give you something for that." 

God bless that man. 

Aside from feeling a little bit like I am drugging my child to sleep even though it is technically only melatonin which is a hormone/natural product,  I LOVE HIM  (The pediatrician.  The sweet, sleeping boy.  And as long as I am at it I may as well throw in my husband.).

Lest you feel I have been avoiding you, in the interest of (kind of) full disclosure I have to tell you that there have been some family things going on but that don't really involve me directly that I have been trying to be careful not to comment commentary on such things is almost always a bad idea. 

Also, I now have a job which is so very interesting and yet so secret since it is all protected health information.  I am afraid of typing the wrong thing or becoming too emotional on my blog and therefore putting my license in danger.  But the job is very interesting and I am enjoying it very much if you were wondering.

My beautiful daughter Halle is doing very well and sleeping like a normal child.  If normal children exist, she would be one of them (so far).  I went through my google history today and think that perhaps it is her mother who is not normal because I was googling "4 month old not rolling over" and "pinworm" this week.  I think I worry too much, although Holden smelled suspiciously of kitty litter this afternoon after we let him play outside with his friend from across the street, and the other day I walked out on the porch and around the house and had a moment of panic when he was nowhere to be found. 

He was in the neighbors' fenced backyard.  Safe...if a little overly friendly and trusting.  Still working on that.  How to teach a child not to be trusting or friendly?  Trying not to agonize too much over parenting.  It is unlikely there is someone lurking to steal my child.  Good luck to that person especially if they don't know about melatonin.

I promise I will do better with my posting this summer.