Sunday, July 29, 2012

Secrets of a Surgical Nurse--(Unabridged)

Secrets of a Surgical Nurse--(Unabridged)

1.)    Clean out your belly button before you have surgery.

2.)    Shy about your body? Don’t be.  We see it ALL, all day long.  We don’t care.

3.)    Yes, we wonder about your tattoos

4.)    We treat your babies like they are our own.

5.)    Yes, your baby/child cries when they get into surgery.  But that helps the anesthesia work faster and we hold them as they go to sleep.

6.)    Don’t lie to your nurse or anesthesia about drug or alcohol use.  We can usually tell anyway.

7.)    I am not being evasive, I honestly don’t know how long the surgery might take…it always depends on the patient.

8.)    I have a lot to do in a very short period of time, usually with a surgeon standing over my shoulder waiting for me to get it done.

9.)    I care about your physical health during surgery and how surgery will affect your physical, emotional, and family health after surgery.  I always keep these in mind when you are in my care.

10.)   I know it is often a scary experience.  I want you to feel as warm and comfortable as possible.

11.)   I hope I don’t seem like a bitch because I’m in a hurry.  I probably have 5 orthopedic cases on the surgery board ‘To Follow’ and only an hour left of my scheduled shift.

12.)  I am literally a waitress.  I take and make food orders over the phone for people who are scrubbed in.

13.)  I can see, smell, or feel almost anything during surgery and then walk out, wash my hands, walk down the hall and eat lunch.

14.)  I am not sitting in the lounge because I am lazy.  I was probably up most of the night on call--working. 

15.)   I really love my job.

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