Friday, July 20, 2012

Seems like the only time I post is when there is drama. But I guess that makes something to write about. Sweet Halle Marie is in the hospital with meningitis. I got home from call at 8 ish on Tuesday night. My girl was grunting with every breath and breathing about sixty times a minute. My gut said something was wrong. Took her to ER. ER doc was kind of a douche, looked at her for less than 60 seconds, ordered a chest x ray, looked at me like I was an idiot and told me she "might" have an ear infection. Sent us home with a script for amoxicillin. Big surprise, amoxicillin did no good. I stayed home with her the next day and then sent her to daycare the day after that. She was still having bouts of strange breathing but thought it might be because she was in pain. Daycare called me at 2 on thursday to tell me something was wrong with her...not breathing right, feverish. I left work and called the pediatric clinic because what do you do when your baby is having trouble and you can't take her to the ER? The on call ped. Saw her and agreed that although whatever was going on was a little atypical for any particular illness something was very wrong with the way she was breathing and acting. She was admitted to the hospital, and after a lot of needle pokes we (sort of) got an answer..viral meningitis. A mother's intuition is rarely wrong. I feel very helpless but think she is on the mend. Keep you posted.

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